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I do think you're absolutely partial towards Klaine. Kurt is cold, uncaring, and Chris Colfer's acting choices aren't helping either. Blaine looks totally unhappy since he's in NY. They failed at living together, they always fail at communicating. I used to ship Klaine but now it doesn't look like a healthy relationship. Shipper goggles are blinding a lot of clever people, imho. Sorry if I seem harsh, but I think a lot of fans are pretending not to notice the obvious.


Klaine goggles? MOI?


Um, yeah. You could say that. I’m way more than a little partial towards them. I’ve done a terrible job of hiding that. Which is to say that I haven’t tried, not even a little.


If you feel something different? Rock on, you do you. We’re all entitled to watch the show in whatever ways we want, and we all bring our own goggles to the table - personal baggage, shipping preferences, whatever.

But I have a LOT of thoughts about Kurt and Blaine as of 5x16, and am tickled to have the excuse to write them down. Will this convince you that I’m “right” and you’re “wrong?” I’m sure not, and that’s really not the point. I’m gonna do me, you do you. Ship (or not) and let ship, man.

Under a cut because BOY did this get long. I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS is what I’m saying.

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I absolutely adored this meta; the deep love of the characters and their relationship is so evident here, as is a nuanced understanding of their dynamic right now.  My favorite bit: “Happily-ever-after has always been a myth. You do, in fact, need more than just Love, Love, Love. You need to work at it, too.”

Such a simple truth, but one that fundamentally challenges one of our biggest cultural myths.  I love that we’re getting a warts-and-all fairytale; so much more satisfying (and interesting!) than the alternative.  


Because sending paper birds to each other is so heterosexual.

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